André Clouet

On this lovely afternoon, our visit to the remarkable André Clouet unfolded as we were graciously hosted by our dear friend Jean François, who also holds the esteemed title of the mayor of Bouzy. We visited the the family home of André Clouet, and as we approached, the entrance to the hidden cellars behind the majestic tree.

In a gesture of generosity, Jean François bestowed upon us four bottles of his limited edition champagne. Following this delightful exchange, we proceeded to a local restaurant for lunch, where the true indulgence began. Five distinct bottles of champagne graced our table, offering a comprehensive tasting of André Clouet's diverse range. Among the highlights were the 2006 Vintage, The Dream Vintage 2016, and the eagerly anticipated Chalky, his latest creation.

Post-lunch, our journey took us to witness the exciting developments in André Clouet's domain. A new warehouse was under construction, serving as the hub for bottling and labeling activities. As we explored, we learned about the excavation of a fresh cellar, with the surrounding terrain revealing a notably chalky composition—inspiring the name of André Clouet's latest wine, aptly titled Chalky.