château Pape Clément

On October 20th, we had the pleasure of visiting the exquisite château Pape Clément, a distinguished Cru Classe in accordance with the 1959 ranking of the Graves region in Bordeaux. They graciously led us through their stunning cellars, providing us with an opportunity to delve into the captivating world of their kosher wine production, as beautifully depicted in the images below. It's worth highlighting that château Pape Clément proudly holds the esteemed title of being the oldest wine estate in Bordeaux, a remarkable achievement celebrated with their 700th vintage in 2006.

After our informative tour, we were treated to a delightful tasting experience. We relished the flavors of château Pape Clément 2016, Chateau les Grands Chenes 2019, Chateau Fombrauge 2019, and the delectable Clementin de Pape Clement 2019 white wine.