Château Tertre-Roteboeuf

On this delightful afternoon, we had the pleasure of visiting the enchanting Château Tertre-Roteboeuf, where we had the privilege of meeting the renowned François Mitjavile, a master craftsman in the art of producing spectacular wines. In a rare and charming setting, Mr. Mitjavile graciously welcomed us into the chateau, which he still calls home, introducing us to his delightful feline companions.

Nestled in the picturesque Saint-Laurent-des-Combes, southeast of the town of Saint-Émilion, the vineyard unfolded its beauty before us as Mr. Mitjavile personally guided us through the grounds of the chateau. Our journey continued to the cellars, where, with genuine interest, he inquired about our birth years. In a delightful display of hospitality, he embarked on a ten-minute quest through the old bottles to unearth vintages from the years 1999 and 1995.

Stepping into the chateau's beautiful courtyard, we proceeded to the barrels, where Mr. Mitjavile, with a touch of elegance, extracted wine using a glass pipette. Sipping directly from the barrels, we had the unique opportunity to taste his latest vintage. Our sensory adventure culminated as we savored the 1995 and 1999 vintages outdoors, an absolutely delightful experience.