Dom Pérignon

On this enchanting morning, we embarked on a visit to the renowned Dom Pérignon, where a warm welcome awaited us in their elegant dining room. From there, we transitioned to the exquisite tasting room, where our senses were treated to the sublime notes of a 2008 Rosé Dom Pérignon.

Our journey unfolded as we explored the museum room, a treasure trove of limited edition champagnes, proudly showcasing the latest collaboration, a testament to the brand's innovation, including Lady Gaga's recent venture. The tour continued through the picturesque grounds, leading us to the historic Hautvillers Abbey, the very site where Dom Pérignon himself resided.

Passing through a discreet door, we found ourselves in the charming back garden, a gateway to the meticulously laid-out cellars. Amidst the historical remnants of an old presser and a captivating walk through the vineyards, we gained insight into the rich heritage of Dom Pérignon.

The culmination of our visit was the tasting room, where we savored two distinctive champagnes — the 2012 and 2004 vintages. Amidst sips of excellence, we absorbed fascinating facts about Dom Pérignon's philosophy. Notably, in challenging years, where the vintage quality doesn't meet their high standards, they refrain from production rather than compromise quality. Furthermore, Dom Pérignon exclusively crafts vintage champagne, refraining from the creation of non-vintage blends, showcasing their commitment to excellence.