Jannison Baradon Champagne has consistently ranked as one of our top-selling products for several years, establishing itself as a favourite since the early 2000s. This distinguished champagne hails from a family-run operation, with a charming shop located in Épernay specializing in champagne accessories. Cyrill, one of the owners, proudly represents the fifth generation of dedicated wine growers.

During our visit to the Épernay shop, we had the pleasure of meeting with Cyrill, who graciously shared insights into the artistry behind the creation of their exquisite champagnes. He walked us through a captivating display of the various champagne varieties produced by Jannison Baradon, showcasing an impressive array of sizes and flavours. The experience offered us a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and passion that goes into each bottle, further solidifying our admiration for this exceptional champagne and the Baradon family's enduring commitment to quality.