Pol Roger

On our enchanting journey to Champagne, we were privileged to explore the renowned Pol Roger estate. The radiant sun greeted us as we stepped into the heart of the Champagne house, revealing a captivating statue of Winston Churchill in the elegant front room. Nestled in this opulent space, we eagerly awaited our delightful tour guide.

Venturing into a corridor, we discovered a treasure trove of historic letters from Buckingham Palace, each requesting Pol Roger's finest Champagne's for Royal weddings. Crossing the road, we entered the cellars, where a majestic courtyard adorned with Pol Roger's name carved into the walls. 

The journey continued through vast concrete vats, leading us to the Winston Churchill cellar. Descending further below the ground, we navigated through to the cellars extending 2-3 miles beneath the streets of Epernay. Grateful for our knowledgeable guide, we encountered skilled workers artfully managing the riddling process with such dedication. Riddling the bottles—turning them at a precise 40-degree angle to concentrate sediment at the top. Subsequently, a freezing solution facilitated sediment removal upon uncorking and sealing.

Emerging from the cellars, we returned to the exquisite reception room, where we indulged in a tasting experience featuring two exceptional Champagnes: the refined Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill 2013 and the exquisite Pol Roger 2015 Blanc de Blanc.