Bouchard Père & Fils, Pinot Noir la Vignee, 2021 (12 Bottles)

Bouchard Père & Fils, Pinot Noir la Vignee, 2021 (12 Bottles)

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Owner:  Joseph Bouchard

District: Burgundy

Vineyard Surface Area: 48Km 450 Different vineyards

ABV: 12.5%

The Wine

Grape Varieties: Pinot Noir 

Tasting Notes

More than half of Burgundy's wine production comes from regional appellations, showcasing a broad range of flavors and qualities due to the diverse grapes harvested from across the region. Wines from Bouchard Père et Fils, especially their Bourgogne La Vignée Pinot Noir, are notable for their quality, being made from meticulously selected grapes. This particular Pinot Noir has vibrant aromas of cherry and raspberry, complemented by earthy and subtle spice notes. On the palate, it is medium-bodied with gentle tannins and lively acidity, featuring flavors of red berries, plum, and a hint of oak, offering a balanced expression of fruit and "terroir."

Pairs well with

Beef, Veal, and Poultry

Customer Reviews

I could drink this all afternoon its so tasty, I couldn't recomend trying this more. Its also perfect for lovley gifts to people.

Kelly Ross

I am usually not a wine drinker, in fact the only wine I will drink is Notorious Pink, it really is the best of the best. Highly recommend and the epitome of fine wine 🍷

Sarah Smith



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