French Bloom Le Blanc (6 Bottles)

French Bloom Le Blanc (6 Bottles)

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District:  Southwest France

ABV: 0.0%

The Wine

Grape Varieties: 100%  Chardonnay 

Tasting Notes 

A mineral freshness, pear aromas, tropical notes, Granny Smith apple, slightly spicy citrus fruit, white flowers


French Bloom offers a festive, organic and elegant 0.0% alternative to traditional French sparkling wines. A result for years of R&D by co founders Maggie Tattinger and Constance Jablonski, French Bloom alcohol free French bubbly shows the possibilities of long-lasting celebrations with out limitation. 

Made with dealcoholised wine from France, its range of 0.0% sparkling meets the growing demand for sophisticated and inclusive drink options with elegant flavour profiles. 

Pairs well with

Seafood, Light Salad 

More Information

Organic, Alcohol Free, Low calories, Vegan, No Sulphates, No added sugar, pregnant friendly, No Preservatives and Halal

Why Try Notorious Pink!

Notorious Pink is a special cuvée made from 100% Grenache, the principal grape varietal at Domaine la Colombette in the  Languedoc, South of France. Since 1890, four generations of the Pugibet Family have been producing award winning wines with savoir-faire. The La Colombette Estate is situated in the South of France, just 10 miles from the Mediterranean coast, it is here that this exquisite Rosé is made. We are very happy and proud to be working with the delightful Pugibet Family as their sole UK importer.

Customer Reviews

I could drink this all afternoon its so tasty, I couldn't recomend trying this more. Its also perfect for lovley gifts to people.

David Ronson

I am usually not a wine drinker, in fact the only wine I will drink is Notorious Pink, it really is the best of the best. Highly recommend and the epitome of fine wine 🍷

Annabel Stanford

"The New Hot new Rose"

The rose of the summer!

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